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Improving health
Previously NHS Health Scotland

NHS Health Scotland is organised into five directorates

  • Chief Executive Directorate
  • Strategy Directorate
  • Health and Work Directorate
  • Health Equity Directorate
  • Public Health Science Directorate.

Chief Executive Directorate

This directorate supports the Board, its Committees and the Executive Team in delivering high quality governance and robust financial management.

Gerald McLaughlin is Chief Executive.

There are two teams in the directorate

  • the Executive and Governance team, which supports the Board, its committees and the Executive team in delivering high quality governance and management
  • the Finance and Procurement team, which leads the development of our financial strategy, operating across all areas of the organisation to achieve best value.

 This Directorate also hosts the organisation’s two full time shop stewards.

Strategy Directorate

This directorate is responsible for coordinating the planning, implementation and performance management of our strategy, A Fairer Healthier Scotland, in order to ensure that we achieve our goals as an organisation.

Cath Denholm is Director of Strategy.

There are four teams in the directorate

  • the Communications and Engagement team, which leads on the promotion of our knowledge and evidence and the positioning of our work with external stakeholders
  • the Strategic Development team, which leads on the development of strategic approaches, organisational planning, Impact reporting and the organisation’s events and sponsorship function
  • the Organisational Improvement team, which leads organisational performance reporting and continuous improvement in, and pursuit of, organisational excellence
  • the People and Workplace team, which is responsible for all aspects of workforce support that deliver a good staff experience, staff health and wellbeing and inclusion.

Health and Work Directorate

This directorate encourages good work and best employment practices to reduce inequalities and improve population health. It also seeks to provide support and advice to employers to enable them to protect and improve the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees and the communities in which they operate.

George Dodds is Director of Health and Work.

There are two teams in the directorate

  • the Health and Work Service team, which is responsible for the effective delivery of customer-facing services including
    • the Healthy Living Award and Healthy Working Lives Award Programmes
    • the Healthy Working Lives service
  • the Health and Work Policy team will build on knowledge and evidence across the organisation and with partners to shape more equitable policy relating to health and work in areas including
    • good work/fair work
    • income.

Health Equity Directorate

This directorate seeks to influence national policy and practice guidance to ensure that it reduces health inequalities and improves population health.

George Dodds is Director of Health Equity.

There are four teams in the directorate

  • the Population Health team, which promotes the importance of population health improvement and champions the need for more equitable outcomes from services and health improvement programmes
  • the Place and Equity team, which focuses on the physical environment, structural and systems-based solutions to reducing inequalities
  • the Marketing and Digital Services team, which creates and delivers effective, customer focussed marketing and digital services
  • the Learning and Improvement team, which supports the development of the skills and understanding required within the public health workforce to reduce health inequalities and improve health.

Public Health Science Directorate

This directorate provides evidence of what works to reduce health inequalities, public health information and advice and expertise to stakeholders across Scotland including the Scottish Government and NHS Boards.

Andrew Fraser is Director of Public Health Science.

There are five teams in the directorate

  • the Public Health Observatory team, which improves understanding of the Scottish population’s health and the factors that influence it
  • the Scottish Public Health Network, which facilitates information sharing and collaboration between all those working in public health
  • the Professional Support team, which helps the organisation achieve its goals by supporting the directorate with administrative services
  • the Evidence for Action team, which seeks to inform decision making by providing evidence of what is effective in reducing health inequalities, advice and expertise
  • the Evaluation team, which enables better understanding of the reach and impacts of policies and actions through outcome-focused planning, monitoring and evaluation.